Ask'n'Read Technology

Ask'n'Read includes a unique set of technologies and methodologies that are the result of many years of experience in web monitoring applications :

  • An evolving sourcing : reporting and updating of web sites and sources in the intelligence software and information services is generally a long and tedious process : Ask'n'Read frees you from this task by managing a referential of 5,100,000 potentially active web sources. These sources are automatically selected according to the thematic folders chosen Ask'n'Read (about 240,000 sources per day on average) ; so your bunch of sources evolves constantly to suit your needs without your intervention ; in the unlikely case that you are interested in a source which is not covered, you can always let us know so that it will be integrated.
  • A dynamic filtering technology to feed thematic folders : Ask'n'Read incorporates a unique technology of dynamic filtering that automatically selects sources and web information that are relevant according to the parameters of each folder Ask'n'Read ; setting up a folder is extremely simple and is illustrated by a context-sensitive help ; possible assistance for settings is integrated within your subscription and our customer service is always at your disposal if you need help.
  • Tracking web information in real-time : according to their frequency of update, Ask'n'Read sources are monitored every 5 to 10 minutes, allowing you to track real-time news and information from the web as part of your subscription.

With Ask'n'Read, tracking web information is accessible to all

  • You no longer need to know or declare web sources of interest, Ask'n'Read did it for you with listing nearly 5,100,000 web sources of information, news, press releases, corporate and institutional sites, blogs, forums, social networks, job boards, ads, …
  • A special thematic approach to adapt sources and filters for each thematic search.
  • A powerful folder management function that allows you to keep and tag information.
  • Sharing and distribution functions to other users.

Ask'n'Read web sources

  • A repository of over 5,100,000 web sources of information publishing regularly
  • Thematic sets of sources can be defined  all sources are continuously updated according to the folders in Ask'n'Read ; more than 240,000 daily active sources in average.
  • Sources in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.